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EcoClean provides a number of different services for your home and business. Below is a full list and brief explanation of every service that we can provide. To Learn more about each individual service you can go to our services page


Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning is the greatest service we can offer you, to help improve indoor air quality and breathing problems, in your home or business. Having your air ducts cleaned every 5 years, ensures that you keep the dust and allergens, in your home or business, to a minimum and at the same time keep the efficiency of the HVAC system at a high level. Our technicians are qualified and trained professionals who always explain the price and process before starting the work. We provide top of the line air duct cleaning, through the use of large vacuum trucks and high powered air and brush tools, all while providing the best value in the industry. Our air duct cleaning services always include the entire system, including the furnace. To learn more, feel free to further explore the website or give us a call.

Furnace Cleaning

The next best alternative to cleaning the air ducts, is having the furnace cleaned. Having the furnace cleaned ensures that it runs at peak efficiency, while extending the life of the unit. Our technicians have the proper HVAC knowledge to clean the furnace properly, while preventing any components from getting damaged.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Having your dryer vent cleaned on a yearly basis, most importantly, helps prevent house fires, but also helps the dryer continue running at like-new efficiency. When clothes stop drying as fast, people tend to always blame the dryer, when in fact, its most always a clogged dryer vent. Our technicians can even replace the dryer vent, if it happens to be clogged beyond cleaning. If your dryer is taking a lot time to clean your clothes, give us a call so we can take care of it for you.

Boiler Cleaning

Boilers require yearly maintenance, to keep them running at peak efficiency, as well as extending the life of the boiler itself. EcoClean technicians can clean the gas burners of the boiler as well as the gas flue. This ensures the boiler runs efficiently. It's easy to neglect yearly maintenance on boilers but in the long run, neglecting boilers can actually cost you more.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Kitchen Hood Cleaning is extremely important for many businesses. Keeping up to date with hood cleaning, will ensure your business won't be shut down due to unclean hood conditions. EcoClean currently has contracts with a number of different companies, managing their bi-annual hood cleanings. If you need a dependable and affordable company to clean your kitchen hoods multiple times a year, we'd love to help you out.

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