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Attic Insulation Removal  

Attic Insulation Removal

Older homes in Denver have attic spaces with old insulation or very little insulation in them.The attic space is a area that we dont think about but it can be a area that can drastically alter the temperature in our home. The attic acts as a barrier to the harsh temperatures outside your home. Improper insulation in the attic means the temperature in your home will more closely mimic the temperature outside. If you don't have enough insulation in the attic it will not act like a barrier to keep the heat out of the rooms or the cool air from escaping.

EcoClean has the trucks to remove all the old insulation and install new insulation into your attic for an affordable price.

Attic Insulation Provides:

  • A barrier to keep outside temperatures from entering the home
  • Helps lower your utility bills
  • Keeps the cool air in your home

Attic Insulation Install

After the old insulation is removed from the attic, it's time to start installing new insulation. EcoClean offers two types of high quality blown-in insulation: fiberglass and cellulose. Both are great products and once installed, will last decades. The most important part when installing attic insulation is to make sure the proper amount of insulation is installed. Many times companies only put about two-thirds of the amount that is recommended for the climate here in Denver, CO.

With new attic insulation installed, homeowners should see a more consistent temperature in their home and a reduced utility bill in months with extreme temperatures.

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